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Thanks, that's what I thought, it's just that I've seen the poster with the yellow jacket in cons and shops (where they sell it will the posters of the other members of the crew, like if it was the official) and their expressions are almost the same in both posters, it looks like if the yellow jacket it's the only thing that changes.


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You’re welcome! Yeah, I’ve seen merch and fanmade posters of Zoro’s that have the yellow jacket too, but I’m not really sure where it came from. The anime just makes it even more clear that it’s his original photo from Alabasta the whole time


jojomirabelle replied to your post “I have no idea of what is Zoro’s real wanted poster.

Both of them are slightly different though, especially the Zoro one.

I talked about this in the tags of the post—they look slightly different because Oda redraws everything in the manga. Even for flashbacks, he redraws the scene, rather than cutting and pasting in the original drawing of the scene. For example, take the flashback Tashigi had during Punk Hazard:

Rather than using the old panels for it, Oda redrew them. As a result, even stuff that is supposed to look identical, such as Luffy and Zoro’s wanted posters, looks slightly different every time because Oda draws them anew each time. They’re the same posters, drawn in a different art style.